The Summer School

Who Are We?

Broadly speaking, our staff team divides into three departments - teaching staff, supervisory staff and senior staff. Our teaching staff body is made up of a selection of highly qualified international music educators. Our guest tutors teach at some of the top music schools in the country such as the Royal Schools of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Birmingham Conservatoire.

The supervisory team is made up of mainly music college graduates and undergraduates with knowledge of string instruments and piano learning. All with prior experience of working with young people.

The senior staff brings together many years of experience in international teaching, twenty plus years of running summer schools and in-depth knowledge of music education.

At the Strings & Piano UK Summer School, the safety and welfare of students is our number one priority, and our experienced staff team works together to ensure that our students have the opportunity to grow in confidence and enjoy their independence in a safe and supervised environment.

What Is The Strings & Piano UK International Summer School's Mission?

To provide an immersive environment for musically talented students to embrace two weeks of new and exciting aspects of music teaching. We achieve this with the support and encouragement of superb music educators. Students leave full of inspiration, with new tips and advice in hand and a wealth of experience in orchestral practice, chamber groups, technique training and choral singing. Students will gain independence, experience being a British boarding school student and engage with students from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Why Choose Strings & Piano UK International Summer School?

Here are the reasons why students choose us:

Music Enrichment: Students get the chance to enjoy learning music in different ways. Not just an hours lesson with their music teacher once a week but whole days filled with group workshops, guest speakers, special advice, choral and aural workshops and much more!

International Music Educators: This programme is brought to you by the Head of Strings at the Junior Guildhall School of Music. Guildhall places 6th for 2018 in the Guardian University Ranking for music universities in the UK. We also have guest tutors from the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music. You won't find a better opportunity to gain experience from some of the best in the business, all under one roof.

Fantastic Excursions: During your time on the Strings & Piano Summer School you also get the opportunity to attend three excursions during the two-week programme. A few examples: a London West End performance of Mamma Mia!, a tour of the Royal Academy of Music and a visit to the famous English seaside town of Brighton.

Unique Length: This two-week residential programme is unique in its length and depth of tuition which gives students enough time to really discover new perspectives and gain independence. Not only in their personal lives but also in their music abilities, while spending time in a nurturing environment.

What Are The Costs Involved?

We are offering a two week programme for £1,600. We recommend you bring your own instrument but if this is not possible, you can rent an instrument for two weeks at a charge of £50.

For further information, please get in touch - use our contact form or email us at camps@intergreat.com.

What's Included In The Price?

Here it is important to note that the vast majority of expenses on the programme are included in the price. All tuition, excursions (including theatre tickets), accommodation, three meals a day, two laundry washes and airport transfers (restrictions apply) are included.

These main exclusions apply:

  1. Flights - These should be booked independently

  2. Transfer - Outside designated time

  3. Spending money - This will vary from person to person. Students will need money primarily for incidentals and souvenirs. £50 per week should be sufficient but it does depend on the student.

  4. Insurance - InterGreat Education strongly recommends that students take out comprehensive insurance ahead of their trip. Especially for their instrument.

Can Parents Visit?

Parents are more than welcome to visit the Summer School but we do ask that the parents let a member of senior staff know in advance and sign in and out of the Summer School. Students may leave the Summer School for a short period of time if it's prearranged and they are accompanied by someone over 25 with permission of their parent/guardian/carer. A form will need to be completed so students can be released from the care of InterGreat Education during this time.

What Are The Entry Requirements?

To be able to attend Strings & Piano UK International Summer School students need to be aged 10 - 17 and at least Grade 3 in a classical string instrument (violin, viola, double bass, and cello) or piano. It is important all attendees are at least Grade 3 so they can make the most of the programme. Applicants are asked to submit proof of their music grade in the form of a photocopy of a certificate or award when sending their application. The Summer School will be conducted in English so at least an intermediate level of English is required.

Is There An Age Requirement?

At the time of the Summer School (23rd July 2018), students should be 10 - 17 years old.

Where Does The Summer School Take Place?

The programme takes place at Claremont School in Sussex, South East England. A beautiful British Boarding School. The school has a dedicated music department, performance halls, 100 acres of grounds and comfortable boarding accommodation.



Music Tuition

Will I Receive A Certificate At The End Of The Summer School?

All students receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the Summer School.

Will This Summer School Prepare Me For Music School?

This Summer School is intended to broaden your music knowledge and enlighten your mind to the various ways of studying music. We encourage students to make the most of living and working with music students and professionals by asking their supervisors and teachers questions and get any hints and tips about applying to Music School in the future. You will also experience what it's like to live independently and be responsible, giving you a feel for studying away from home.

Will I Get Time To Practice During The Summer School?

Every day there will be an hour of free time in the late afternoon before dinner. This is an opportunity to practice what you have learned during the day and perfect your playing and enjoy the new techniques. There will be lots of practice rooms available during this time. The free time will also be a time to get to know your peers, take part in activities and sports and enjoy some downtime after a busy day of lessons. 



Are There Laundry Facilities?

There is one laundry service a week provided by the school. This will be a great opportunity to get clothes washed for the week to come. If students need extra laundry services, this can be arranged.

What Clothes Should I Bring And How Much Luggage?

We recommend that you bring casual clothing and comfortable footwear for regular use, sports clothing in case you want to take part in a group sports activity, at least one smart outfit for the performance at the end of the two-week summer school and an appropriate outfit for attending the theatre. It is worth remembering that the British summer weather can be temperamental so be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, jumper and a waterproof coat to cover all eventualities. Clothes should be appropriate to an academic environment. We recommend that students flying to the UK check their luggage allowance with their airline before departure.

What If I Get Sick?

Should a student need to see a doctor there are a number of local GP surgeries close to the school. For any more serious situations, the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Hospital is five minutes from the school. Senior staff and onsite members of staff are first aid trained and available 24 hours a day to make sure any students are taken care of. We encourage all students to take out full medical insurance and travel insurance prior to their arrival. 

What About Food?

All three meals are provided on the programme. Students will have the opportunity to eat together for each meal. Dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for if we are notified in advance of the Summer School. Please contact camps@intergreat.com with any required information.

How Do You Decide Which Students Go On The Different Corridors/Floors?

We match students together in rooms and on corridors depending on their age, gender and the instrument they're playing. We will take into account requests to share with a friend if made before the programme begins.

Are Boys And Girls Housed Separately?

Yes, we assign boys and girls to different corridors. Each with a resident supervisor. These supervisors are available 24 hours a day. We give the students a curfew with means after this time students have to stay on their own corridor until 7 am the next day.

Do I Get To Choose The Person I Share A Room With?

If notified in advance we are happy to cater to friends and family staying in the same room.

What About Medical Insurance?

We advise everyone to have medical insurance before starting on the Summer School. Please make sure your medical insurance is valid for abroad.

How Safe Is The Accommodation?

The accommodation is very safe and secure. Access to the property is only obtained via a keypad. On arrival, students will be given a welcome talk outlining the key health and safety aspects of the property and the fire safety information.

What Supervisory Staff Do You Have?

The supervisors are all music university graduates and undergraduates, selected for their experience in tutoring, accompanying, working with young people and their commitment to putting their energy into making everyone's time at the Summer School as comfortable and fun as possible.

What About Safety And Security?

Our main concern at Intergreat Education is to ensure the safety, security, and health of all students who attend the programme. We have a clear set of procedures and regulations for staff and students to follow and detailed preparations regarding medical support. Risk assessments have been carried out on campus.

All supervisors and staff are: 

  1. Subject to rigorous DBS (Disclosures and Barring Service) check as per the legal requirements for working with young people in the UK.

  2. Experienced in working with young people and have extensive summer school experience.




Who Makes My Travel Arrangements?

Students make their own travel arrangements but please do speak to our team and they will be happy to advise you on which options would be best. If traveling by air, remember to land at London Heathrow between the designated times of 6 am and 11.30am on the 23rd July and depart London Heathrow between 12 pm and 5 pm on the 6th of August to qualify for the 'Airport Transfer Service'.

What Time Should I Arrive At The School If I'm Traveling Independently?

Students should arrange to arrive at Claremont School between 10 am and 2 pm on the 23rd of July. All students need to depart the school by 10 am on the 6th of August.

How Do I Get From The Airport To Claremont School?

If you're planning to arrive and depart within the specified times to qualify for the 'Airport Transfer Service', then we will pick you up and take you to Claremont School by coach. If you're traveling independently, it's your responsibility to organize transportation from the airport or where you live in the UK to Claremont at your own expense. We can advise you on appropriate taxi firms.