Lesson schedule


The Summer School days will be split between focused tuition for your chosen instrument, lessons to help with exam preparation, stretching techniques for string players and much more. These music elements will be coupled with free time to practice, make friends with others on the programme, time to enjoy the school environment, fun evening activities, sports, and educational excursions. 


Timetable Example

*Timetable subject to change

*Timetable subject to change


The Strings & Piano UK International Summer School provides a fun and fulfilling yet challenging musical experience for emerging string players and pianists. Top class tuition coupled with a fun and culturally enriching experience for young people from all over the world. The course will help develop confidence and language as well as social skills and ability to interact with others. 


Activities and Excursions

The course isn't just music tuition, it consists of an extensive range of activities such as team games, movie nights, a talent show, team quiz and sports as well as free time to practice independently and relax. Students will also have the chance to visit London, Brighton, and Canterbury. These trips include a tour of the Royal Academy of Music and a West End Musical.

Here are some examples of elements that will be covered on the course during the workshops:

  • How to play in tune without trying

  • Scales made easy

  • Banish nerves for good

  • Improve your sight reading instantly!

  • Realising the power of the brain as a tool

  • The classical musician as an athlete: Avoiding aches and pains



These are the main practical elements of the course. The Summer School will then come to a crescendo with a concert showcasing everything learned over the two week period. 

Orchestral Training - Invaluable ways of building confidence to perform publicly and develop ensemble experience. 

Choral Training - Helping to achieve excellent tone, balance and blend in your choral technique.

Chamber Groups - Focusing on ensemble technique and working on tuning, intonation, communication, dynamics, and phrasing. 

World famous Kodaly Technique Training - Kodaly Technique training combines several powerful techniques for developing the core skills of musicianship.